For years, Miami-Dade County has suffered an acute affordability crisis, with half of all households burdened by the cost of putting a roof over their heads. In 2019, a new tool from the University of Miami’s Office of Civic and Community Engagement identified a half-billion square-feet of vacant or underused public parcels scattered throughout Miami-Dade County. Because privately-owned land is scarce and expensive, this public land is key to equitably increasing the supply of affordable housing for our residents.

The university’s discovery provided an opportunity for 30-plus community organizations to come together around the future of this public land.

With lead funding from Health Foundation South Florida, and under the leadership of Miami Homes for All, Public Land for Public Good (PLPG) is a coalition of 30+ organizations working to create local legislation that ensures public land is developed equitably, sustainably, and with community involvement throughout each stage.

Read the coalition’s statement of values here.



The Health Foundation of South Florida, which invests in policy and systems change that improve the health of South Florida communities, provides lead funding for the coalition through Miami Homes for All. The foundation aims to address the root causes of poor health, including the social and economic circumstances – like housing and the built environment – that affect a person’s physical and mental well-being.